Six reasons to NOT hire Terry

1. We’ll just assign someone to do human factors
Effective human factors design of today’s sophisticated industrial machinery and heavy equipment requires more than knowing where to put the ON/OFF switch1 or how many menu items to display2. It demands a thorough knowledge of how people receive, process and respond to changing information.

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2. Terry isn’t here full-time
Terry is there when you need him — and he’s not when you don’t. His presence is dictated by the demands of the job. He can be anywhere in the world within a couple of days and stay for extended periods. And with today's technology, full-time, on-site attendance isn't necessary to getting the job done.

3. Terry doesn’t know our company culture
And that’s a bad thing? Terry has worked for companies in a wide array of industries. Consequently, he can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your project without getting tied up in organizational politics or career-building activities.

4. Project knowledge disappears with Terry
Only if you want. Otherwise, you'll probably get more than you contract for.

5. Terry is too expensive
With no costs to you for employment taxes, insurance, vacations, sick leave, retirement and the like, Terry's often less costly than adding staff. What's more, he only works when you need him — no need to “make work” to keep him employed between assignments.

6. Our company doesn’t hire consultants


1  Putting it within sight and easy reach of the operator is usually a good idea.
2  Try to stick with seven or fewer.