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Travel can be Murder

The business traveler’s guide to personal safety

What awaits you on your next trip? Unless you take measures to safeguard yourself while traveling, you are a sitting duck. Travel Can Be Murder: The business traveler’s guide to personal safety offers over 700 tips that can help you avoid becoming a victim while on the road.

"Physical and psychological precautions... admirably detailed."
-- USA Today

Paperback © 2001 - 209 pages, ISBN: 0964269821, US$19.95Sold out

The Complete Travel Diet
On the road guide to taking pounds off

FACT: Traveling can be the best time to diet because travel interferes with the very behaviors that are responsible for the excess weight that you're packing along on your trip. By following The Complete Travel Diet, you'll sleep better, stay healthier, and feel more confident as you travel. You’ll replace bad habits with healthy behaviors, and lose weight during—and following—your trip!

“The best book around on travel and diet."
-- KGO/ABC Radio, San Francisco

Paperback © 2004  - 188 pages, ISBN: 0964269848, US$12.95 US$6.50

Lessons in Customer Hostility and Rage Management

Customers are more harried, more demanding, and more dangerous than ever. Don't put your employees—or your company—at risk. C.H.A.R.M. School: Lessons in Customer Hostility And Rage Management will help your customer-contact employees anticipate hostility, defuse aggression, and steer clear of danger.

“A powerful tool for defusing workplace rage and hostility."
-- Security Management

 Paperback © 2002  - 100 pages, ISBN: 096426983X, US$12.95 US$6.50