Design Support: case studies


◼︎ Citrus processing controls/displays

Human factors input guided the design of the interactive controls and displays of a citrus juice processing facility that was updated from relying on dedicated controls to installing process control modules.

◼︎ Paper-roll delivery system

Designing for personnel safety was the primary contribution of human factors input to the control of an automated, paper-roll delivery system in a newspaper press room.



◼︎ Fire apparatus controls

Human factors recommendations were presented for transitioning fire apparatus operators from using direct motor and valve controls to operations using electro-mechanical controls.


◼︎ Soldier replacement

A study determined the psychological impact on Bradley Fighting Vehicle crews if an automatic ammunition loading system were to be incorporated into the vehicle.


◼︎ Advanced display technology 

Working in the Flight Dynamics Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force base, the visual perception of fighter-pilots viewing advanced, light emitting diode displays was evaluated in cockpit simulation tests. 

Note: The photos above do not necessarily represent clients’ products. They are included for illustration purposes only.